Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Stash & Storage

Hello :)

I recently got a "Melmer" a.k.a. Jetmax Modular Storage from Michaels.  I am so happy with my purchase. I cant wait to decorate it, with acrylic paint probably.

My whole set up.

Melmer draw #1

Melmer Draw #2 - Sadly its empty :( ... This will be put to good use soon.

Melmer Draw #3 - a.k.a my favorite draw! I go to this draw the most.

All of the essentials. 

Junky, miscellaneous draw. I still haven't touched the rhinestones i got off eBay almost 6 months ago. These rhinestones are so tiny, they annoy me.

My mani/pedi towel.

 Flies P.S. I kinda hate glass files. They annoy me.

Brushes, nail glue, and small glass jars (great for acetone), and quick cleanup.

Dotting tools, orange sticks


Clippers, toe separators, pipettes for easily getting acetone out of the bottle.


  1. So well organized, I'm impressed! I feel like most of my junk ends up wandering all over the house, you've got a smart setup here :D

  2. Thanks :P , I try to stay organized but I have days where I will leave stuff all over the place lol.

  3. I love looking at stashes - if I had this setup I'd be in there looking at it nonstop! <3

  4. I use those same white 3-drawer cubes to store my makeup and nail polish.. I decided to go the lazy route and use decals on mine ( I never thought about lining the polish drawers with that no-slip stuff! Great idea! Thanks for sharing your stash ;)


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