Friday, December 16, 2011

Day - 18 Half Moons

Good morning. Long time no post. Finals kicked but I got straight A's so that's a good thing. I didn't pass Algebra yet again :( . On to the nails. I am not a big fan of half moon mani's. I first attempted one last week but I absolutely hated it. So I tried again and the result is still the same. I didn't use those reinforcement stickers because I didn't have any. I used french tip guides. I would have liked them more if there wasn't such a huge gap.

Nude : Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Sheer Vanilla
Green: Revlon - Emerald City

I took a picture of the bottle backwards b/c I still haven't taken the tacky clearance sticker off. Got this baby last week @ Target for 1.12.


  1. Good job on the grades! Nice mani - and don't you just hate when those clearance stickers are too sticky? So annoying, lol!

  2. Thanks, my hard work paid off. Yes they should use a different tag or something it's so annoying. Removing the tag. Then having to clean up the residue afterwards.


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