Friday, April 5, 2013

Ruby Wings - Moonstone

Moonstone is a baby blue color changing polish. It changes color once you go outside. Once outside it changes into a soft muted purple. I was surprised that the bottle only shifted a little once outside. I thought it would shift completely into the purple color.  I purchased this color from Burlington Coat Factory for 5.99. I was surprised that they carried them out of all the places I've looked. I only bought one. I wish I would have grabbed a couple more. I enjoy color changing things, lol. I have this Coca Cola shirt that changes colors when you go outside. That tee shirt is my absolute favorite because of that effect.

It would be awesome if  a company was able to make a polish that gives you the ombre/gradation effect. That would be cool.


  1. Both iterations are really lovely on you!

  2. I love both the colors. Now I have to go and stalk by Burlington Coat Factory.

  3. What a fun polish! I have a couple of these in my "to be swatched" box but have been waiting for a sunny day. :)


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