Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Stash

Hey.. Today's post is all about my polish babies and I took a lot of pictures so this post is indeed pic heavy. My first storage post from 2011 can be found here. Back in 2011 I had just bought my first Melmer now I have two. I  bought the second one last year around May. Still haven't decorated them. I realized I would have to take them apart to paint them . That's just simply not gonna happen. The instructions said it will only take 30 minutes to assemble. It took me almost two hours. So taking them apart is no bueno. At the beginning of this year I made a spread sheet. As of today I have 506 polish babies. I have the most Sinful Colors (80). Sinful Colors is my favorite drugstore brand. China Glaze is in second place with (67) . My favorite "high end" brand. I say that with quotations because things get way more high end with the more expensive brands.

My favorite drawer, my Pinks.

 Blue's are my 2nd favorite.

I'm not a big fan of red polishes but you surely cant tell by this picture. There slowly growing on on. I feel very feminine when wearing red polish.

My "mani" basket" . My base and top coat. I use Seche Clear and Seche Vite .Spray bottle for my alcohol. Applicator bottle filled with acetone.

This Onyx Professional remover thing is awesome. It removes glitter faster than any other method I've tried. You just stick your fingers all in at once and rub your nails vigorously against the bristles. 

Not the most appealing picture. But I wanted to show you the inside . When it gets really dirty and filthy looking I dump it all out and fill it with more acetone. If you love glitter like me you might wanna give this a try.


  1. Love seeing your stash! I haven't tried the scrubby tub yet.

    1. I love seeing your stash too. Your color comparisons are always fun. You should try it, works really well.


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