Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random Mani + Baby Sis Nails

Hey ladies. Long time no post. 2 weeks today to be exact. My computer has been acting up . I hate this freaking Dell. I haven't even had this laptop for a year and it's given me a plethora of problems. Any who, I haven't painted my nails in about a week. Ohh the horror, lol. Sadly I just haven't had the energy but despite this I've been buying polish like a madwoman. Working seven days straight can do this to you :(  

Below are pictures from a random mani from about a month ago. I do remember the bright blue is Sinful Colors Endless Blue and the pink glitter shard topper is Fishin' For Fun. I cant remember the other color.

My baby sister's nails I did a long while ago.

I really was happy with how the bows turned out. Too bad my picture is blurry. I'm sending my computer in for repair next week so I'll be back to regular posting after I receive it back. Until next time ladies!


  1. Both are fun manicures! The one you did for your sister is too cute :)

  2. Endless Blue is such a great color and it looks fantastic on you! LOVE your sis's little nails, too, so cute :) Now go relax :)

    1. :) I love Endless Blue and all the vivid blue out there similar. Thanks Liesl.

  3. Both manis are so pretty! :)

  4. In love with the bows, the detail you've put in them is amazing! So pretty.

    xoxo Nikki @

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